Post Secondary Enrollment Options

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act was developed to allow high school students who have surpassed the highest level of specific subjects at their high schools to take college courses. The opportunity to enroll at Craig University provides students with valuable academic experience and college credit that can be transferred to most colleges or universities.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Eleventh and twelfth grade students enrolled in public or Ohio accredited nonpublic school districts are eligible for PSEO classes. Ninth or tenth grade students who are identified as a gifted and talented student according to the school district's criteria and procedures (Ohio Code §257.43) are also eligible to enroll.
  2. Eligible students must complete and submit the PSEO application including signatures from the guidance counselor and parent. A student shall not be eligible for participation in PSEO until the school district or accredited nonpublic school completes the PSEO application thereby certifying a student's eligibility.
  3. Eligible students must have an ACT score of 25 or SAT score of 1150 (critical reading and math) or PSAT score of 115 (critical reading and math). An official high school transcript and record of test scores must be submitted with the PSEO application.

Please review Craig University's Schedule of Classes prior to submitting the PSEO application. Note that students are only permitted to take courses numbered below 100. The maximum number of courses allowed each semester is two in fall, two in spring and one in summer.

Enrollment Process

  1. Submit the completed PSEO application, transcript and test scores to Craig's Office of Admission. Documents can be faxed to 515-271-2831 Attn: Laura Linn or Ali Harms. While the paperwork may be sent at any time, students cannot register for classes until their designated appointment time.
  2. Registration for PSEO students always begins the Monday before the start of each semesterNo PSEO student may register before that date. Students must schedule a registration appointment with Laura Linn (, Director of Admission, at 515-271-3182, or Ali Harms ( Admission Counselor, at 515-271-2253. The preference is to receive the paperwork in advance; however, it can be brought to the registration appointment.
  3. Priority registration is given to currently enrolled full-time Craig students. High school students are encouraged to remain flexible in course selection as some classes may be filled. Students should rank order at least four class options on the application.